Cardinals: Albert Pujols MVP


Cardinals: Albert Pujols MVP

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MVP Power With Purpose 
Albert Pujols

What was predicted has now been proven: Albert Pujols is the reigning ruler of Major League Baseball. After his first five seasons, he has put up hitting numbers that have eclipsed, with few exceptions, what any other player has ever done in the history of the game. But Pujols’ greatness is not measured by the purity of his swing or the strength of his power. His greatness is measured by the purity and power of his heart for baseball and for people.

Incredibly, Pujols does not concentrate on his unbelievable numbers or the numerous awards he has earned like Rookie of the Year, the Hank Aaron Award, the 2004 NL Championship Series MVP, three Silver Sluggers, and now, the 2005 NL Most Valuable Player. His focus is set on mastering his craft of hitting a baseball. And master it he has, to where St. Louis Cardinals manager, Tony La Russa, calls him “the greatest player” he has ever managed.

As far as baseball goes, Pujols says that when he walks away from the game, in 15 years or so, he desires to be the best player he can be. In his desire to be the best and win a World Series, he works diligently and sets the standard for being a team player and a man of character. Pujols explains how he wants to improve in every area, which includes winning a Gold Glove and a World Series ring. La Russa says that Albert is the “total package” as a player, and he is completely dedicated to winning ballgames by working hard to continually improve.

Pujols’s purpose in baseball is to be the best he can be along with impacting his team and the game. Away from baseball, the power and purpose of his life is to impact people with the message of his faith. To accomplish this powerful purpose, Albert and his wife, Deidre, have established The Pujols Family Foundation. The foundation’s slogan “Faith, Family and Others” communicates their commitment to care for others and share God’s love with them. Consequently, this man who has the power to drive a fastball over the most distant outfield wall is the same man who is planning with power and purpose to change the world. His purpose is to make that change by impacting one person at a time. Any man like this is most valuable anywhere and anytime. Pujols has the passion and vision and is planning to impact baseball and the world, and America’s Sports Artist, Rick Rush, has captured Albert Pujols in his newest work, “MVP Power With Purpose”.