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Rangers: Pitcher Perfect

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Pitcher Perfect 
Nolan Ryan with the Texas Rangers - 7th Career No-hitter

On May 1, 1991, in Arlington, TX., and against the Toronto Blue Jays, Nolan Ryan did something no man has ever done before. He pitched the seventh no-hitter of his career. The fact that no two pitchers in baseball history, with combined records, can top this mark is not enough. He did it at the age of forty-four!

The type words that are used to describe Nolan Ryan sound like this: honest, sincere and someone who is real. He has a record of over 300 career victories. An advertising executive said, "He has the stuff of real heroes, the kind we've been missing for the last three decades." Maybe that's why he holds the record for more ninth inning no-hitters than all the rest of the starting pitchers now active in major league rosters hold combined.

Nolan Ryan is the kind of guy that first considers his family, not money, when making a business deal. He is chairman of the board of two banks he owns. Yet, he is the kind of guy who travels an extra mile to save a few cents per gallon on his gasoline. He is happily married to his high school sweetheart, Ruth. Maybe that's why he has a record of over 5,500 strikeouts in his career. Nolan Ryan is the perfect picture of the work ethic. A workday is a workday. His strength is probably that he does not go somewhere every night, except home. Maybe that's why he can throw a ninety-six mile per hour fast ball.

Rick Rush has dramatically portrayed Ryan's intensity in his serigraph of that famous number seventh no-hitter. Rick has captured the feeling of the moment - the feeling of the home crowd fans cheering him on, the intensity in Nolan Ryan that all his catchers have described. In his seventh no-hitter, catcher Mike Stanley described the moment like this: “As each inning went on, you could see it in his eyes. You could hear him talking to himself. You could see that he really sensed it and knew what to do with it.”