Bulls: Above the Crowd


Bulls: Above the Crowd

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Above The Crowd 
Michael Jordan

Today Michael Jordan stands above the crowd as the greatest individual player in professional basketball. In this serigraph Rick Rush has depicted Jordan doing what he does best - fly through the air and score over the top of even the best NBA defenses. This is what two former NBA greats had to say about him:

"Michael Jordan is one in a million players. They don't come along very often.” - Jerry West.

"God has given him … blessed him with an unusual talent because he is an unusual basketball player. The things he can do on offense are phenomenal. He is a show. He puts on a show and I enjoy watching him." - Elgin Baylor.

Others had this to say: "He is embarrassing to the league … he is that good. There is nothing that he can't do!" - The Pistons' coach Chuck Daly.

"Everybody in the league plays on a certain level, but Jordan plays on a level by himself." - Isiah Thomas.

"This is the greatest player in our time today. If you can defense Jordan, you can defense anybody in the league… in the world.” - Dennis Rodman.

In this image, the team on defense is one of the best in the NBA, and one of Chicago's biggest rivals - the Detroit Pistons. Jordan is shown sailing over their tallest player, Bill Laimbeer, who is over seven feet tall. Rick Rush has also brought the crowd into the image, revealing their sense of excitement and wonderment over watching Jordan perform on the court. He has even included the familiar John 3:16 sign that can be seen in the crowds at major sporting events. Also, the crowds regularly rate Jordan's athletic show with gymnastic-type marks. In this serigraph Jordan gets a perfect ten.