Bulls: Shooting Stars


Bulls: Shooting Stars

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Shooting Stars 
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson

On June 9, 1991, the Championship of Championships began. It was the NBA Finals, or better said — The Michael and Magic Finals. Two of the world’s most famous athletes were meeting for their first time in a championship series. According to Sports Illustrated it was a case of “Talent, leadership, winning – Michael and Magic are the ultimate in all of those things.”

It was touted as the Prince of the Midair versus the King of the Hill.

Magic already had five championships under his belt – Jordan, an indefatigable 28-year-old, was still waiting for his first. In fact, in the Bulls twenty-five year history they had never won an NBA Championship. In game one it was Jordan who “was the one jumping and ducking and darting his way to 36 points, eight rebounds and twelve assists.“ Magic “was the one directing traffic, backing his way down the court and, once in a while, shooting that awkward-looking one-hander.” Johnson said about Jordan regarding the last five minutes of the game , he is “the Number one scariest person in the NBA at that time of the game.”

During the series Johnson said he did what he did best – run the team. He likewise said that Jordan did what he did best – score. The championship was decided after five games, the last being played at The Forum in Inglewood, California, on Wednesday, June 19, the Bulls winning 108-101.

Jordan averaged 31.2 points per game to Magic’s 18.6. Jordan had 33 rebounds to Magic’s 40. Jordan was named the unanimous MVP.