Crimson Champions


Crimson Champions

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Were you there? Did you want to be? Did you witness the power, the push, the pummeling as the Crimson Tide tore a hole - a literal hole - through the competition. Ears are still ringing from the roar as the crowd stood stunned, heads went dizzy from an oxygen-depleted stadium by the drawings of breath from 50,000 fans standing in sheer awe of the energy and drive to TOUCH DOWN!

Where were you that day? Now you can share your story of that day and capture it for your walls with an original Rick Rush, THE sports artist of the south. Each expertly crafted piece not only tells the store of the game but also the people behind the game. Who's that in the background? Have you spotted John's 3:16? There's more there to this story. Look closer.


Look around you.  How many of the things you've worked so hard to own can you say are "hand-made"? Each painted layer of the Serigraph piece has to be hand pulled, set to dry for an hour, and then pulled again - for each color.  Each color... The Crimson Champions holds more than 32 colors, 50 hours of production time and 2 hours of proofing.

Then, Rick and his team address the details.

100% cotton canvas - That heavy cotton tee you like so much and Rick's Serigraphs have more in common than you thought. ;-) Paper fades, 320-gram cotton won't. Your art investment will be are sharp and white for your gallery or children as the day you purchased it.

Signed and number - each limited edition serigraph is hand signed and number and comes with a letter of authenticity and providence.  

Double Thick Matting for Framed Pieces - you're welcome to have pieces framed yourself, but remember the paint is applied in layers, there is a thickness and texture present you may not be used to. Every shipped framed piece from Rick Rush is double matted, sealed and preserved for our quality guarantee.

There will never be another - each Serigraph limited series can never be duplicated. The positive plates are destroyed on completion of the series, limited means limited and rare. Once gone there gone.

Clear coated preservation - after the final drying process is completed a clear coat is misted over the art piece to preserve the texture and color against the ravages of time and the elements.

Embossed, Hand Numbered, Registered on the Back - Each limited Serigraph is hand numbered and a registration can be located on the back. Don't fall for fakes or imitations.

Truly crafted with painstakingly care and love,  hour on hour to transformation, a media moment becomes artistic inspiration. 



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