Giants: Hour of Power


Giants: Hour of Power

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Hour of Power 
The New York Giants' Super Bowl XXV Victory

One of the best played games in the twenty-five year history of the Super Bowl was won in a patriotic show of power by the New York Giants as the history of the world was being changed by the power of the U.S. and its allies. The New York Giants used their power to wear down the Buffalo Bills giving eighth year head coach Bill Parcels his second world championship. This was a game played under the shadow of a war being fought by the United States and its allies in the Mideast.

"It came down to the last kick, and the Super Bowl is supposed to be played that way," said Bill’s quarterback Jim Kelly. "If you want to write a Super Bowl script, this is probably what you have to write. It came down to the last kick." As only he could, America's Sports Artist, Rick Rush, has captured this anniversary year photo-finish Super Bowl to be remembered for years to come.

Coach Bill Parcels has a theory about winning football games: "Power wins football games." In Rick's work, " Hour of Power," he has captured the power and emotions of the New York Giant's football team. His work displays the power running of O.J. Anderson (24) who was named the MVP for his 102 yard day on 21 carries. Jeff Hostetler, who handed the ball off to Anderson, was the replacement for injured quarterback Phil Simms. Hostetler had a great day. And, even after being pounded by 270 pound Leon Seals and All-Pro end Bruce Smith back-to-back, he bounded back to throw a 14 yard touchdown pass to wideout Stephen Baker at the end of the second quarter. Also depicted is center Bart Oates (65), guard William Roberts (66), tackle John "Jumbo" Elliott (76), and fullback Maurice Carthon (44), as they muscled the Bills' defenders back to make room for Anderson.

In the background, the scoreboard can be seen with the final score of 20-19 in a cardiacarresting Super Bowl XXV. American flags could be seen all over the stadium, with its extra tight security against terrorists. Two great football teams met to decide who was best in the world, as our troops met the enemy so there could be peace in the world.