Jets: Joe Namath, Guaranteed Winner


Jets: Joe Namath, Guaranteed Winner

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Guaranteed Winner 
Joe Namath - Super Bowl III

Jets quarterback Joe Namath's guarantee of a Super Bowl III victory over the Baltimore Colts is the greatest moment in New York sports history, as voted on by fans. Willis Reed limping onto the court to help the Knicks win Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals was the second choice, while the Rangers' win over the Vancouver Cannucks in Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup finals was third. -Bloomberg News Service

This serigraph represents one of the most memorable sporting events in America - Super Bowl III. It was played on January 12 of 1969, in Miami, Florida. The teams competing were the seemingly rag-tag ensemble of the New York Jets versus the mighty Baltimore Colts. There was a bigger picture to be seen, though, as the Jets of the fledgling American Football League were determined to show their league's worth against the overshadowing National Football League. Amidst the flurry of optimism and pessimism, the Colts, led by Johnny Unitas, were expected to win with relative ease.

Joe Namath, a former QB for Paul "Bear" Bryant's Alabama Crimson Tide, saw otherwise. Nicknamed "Broadway Joe" for good reason, he confidently assured the Press that the Jets would win, saying,

"We're going to win Sunday. I guarantee you."

At the end of that memorable game, Namath, the Jets, and the AFL had delivered on Joe's bold guarantee. They won 16-7. Namath was now more than a superb athlete and a winner. Joe Namath was a “Guaranteed Winner.”