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49ers: Best In the World

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Best In The World: The San Francisco 49ers

Super Bowl XXIV established the San Francisco 49ers as the best professional football team in the world for 1990, and some say, the best ever. Such lofty titles have also been given to quarterback, Joe Montana.

The 49ers tied or set several Super Bowl records as a team in their 55-10 lop-sided win over the Denver Broncos. Montana set six records individually while wide receiver Jerry Rice and halfback Roger Craig also linked their names in the record books - Rice for three touchdown receptions in a single game and Craig for 17 receptions in Super Bowls.

Time and time again the 49ers, under Montana's guidance, struck with what one announcer called a "power display." The power and frequency with which they scored and prevented Denver from scoring was overwhelming.

After the half, on Denver's first ball possession, the 49ers defense intercepted a John Elway pass on the first Bronco play. As the the 49ers offense took the field, the ball was on the Bronco 28-yard line. The first snap from center saw Montana drop back to pass, protected by the mammoth offensive line of Sapolo, McIntyre, Paris, Collie and Barton. Not having been touched by the defense all day, Montana once again had plenty of time to look for receivers downfield. Craig and fullback Tom Rathman both ran pass patterns to the right, but streaking down the left side and angling across the middle was Rice. Montana threw him a perfect strike as he crossed the goal line, thus giving him his third touchdown reception of the day and Montana his eleventh touchdown pass. Both men broke and established Super Bowl records.

And with a continuing barrage of power and finesse Montana, Rice and the 49ers went on to crush the orange of Denver as the banner of previous Super Bowl dynasties hung overhead. The world watched the victorious efforts of the football team and quarterback who have been called the "Best in the World."