Redskins: Burgundy in Gold


Redskins: Burgundy in Gold

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Burgundy In Gold 
The 50th Anniversary of the Washington Redskins

This serigraph print by America's Sports Artist, Rick Rush, depicts the Washington Redskins against their archrivals, the Dallas Cowboys. The artist's title reflects not only the team colors, but also the 1986 season, their 50th Anniversary.

The print shows quarterback Jay Schroeder, #10, throwing the ball to Art Monk, #81, one of the most popular players with Redskin’s fans and one of the most outstanding receivers of all times. After the 1984 season, Coach Joe Gibbs said, "Art Monk has done more for this team than any receiver has ever done at any place I have ever been." At the end of that season, he had a NFL record of 106 catches, 1,372 yards, and seven touchdowns.

Also shown in the print are #68 Russ Grimm, offensive guard, and #66 Joe Jacoby, offensive tackle, who are keeping the defense off Schroeder. George Rodgers, #38, a leading rusher and running back for Washington, is also shown blocking for Schroeder in a passing situation.

Coach Joe Gibbs can be seen on the sidelines along with players Dexter Manly and Dave Butz. Butz’s son is holding his helmet, which happened regularly.

For Dallas, #21 Emerson Walls and #54 Randy White are shown making a defensive serge against the Redskins.