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Double Vision: Gretzky's Greatests 
Wayne Gretzky's Two Major NHL Scoring Records

This dynamic serigraph by Rick Rush captures the greatness of Wayne Gretzky. The image portrays the two goals which allowed him to own the two greatest records in the NHL. His goal at Edmonton on October 15, 1989, allowed him to capture the all-time points record with 1,851. His 802nd goal scored in Los Angeles on March 23, 1994, allowed him to obtain the all-time goals record. He truly is the “Great One" in hockey. 

Some of the 60+ records held by Gretzky:

Most playoff goals, career: 122
Most playoff assists, career: 260
Most assists, one playoff year: 31 in 1988 (19 games)
Most assists in one series: 14 in 1985 (6 games)
Most assists in final series: 10 in 1988 (4 games)
Most assists, one playoff game: 6 in 1987
Most assists, one playoff period: 3 (he tied this record 5 times)
Most points, career: 382 - 122 goals and 260 assists
Most points, one playoff year: 47 in 1985 (18 games)
Most points in final series: 13 in 1988 (4 games)
Most points, one playoff period: 4
Most short-handed goals, one playoff year: 3 in 1983
Most short-handed goals, one playoff game: 2 in 1983
Most game winning goals in playoffs, career: 24
Most "Hat Trick" games : 10
Most All-Star game goals: 13 (18 games)
Most All-Star game goals, one game: 4 in 1983
Most All-Star game goals, one period: 4 in 1983
Most All-Star game assists, career: 12
Most All-Star game points, career: 25 (18 games)
Most All-Star game points, one period: 4 in 1983

Youngest player to score 50 goals in a season: 19 years, 2 months
Fastest 50 goals: 39 games
Most points by an NHL player in his first year: 137
Most assists by an NHL player in his first year: 86
Most 200 point seasons: 4 (Gretzky is the only player with a 200 point season, 3 were consecutive)
Most 70 goal seasons: 4 (these were consecutive)

Career Points Per Game Average: 1.921