The Masters of Augusta


The Masters of Augusta

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The Masters of Augusta

The 1997 Masters Winner, Tiger Woods

Undeniably, the essence of golf is Augusta National, the Masters. And, as sure as spring itself, when the azaleas’ plethora of color burst upon this uniquely manicured playground of golf’s greatest, an almost heavenly awe overtakes the crowd. Because there is something about Augusta -- a golden thread of nostalgia weaves its way through the entire spectacle.

Something will happen here that has happened for decades. Greatness will emerge.

Tiger Woods will unleash an incomparable swing and bury his opponents in its wake. Amid the memorable hanging baskets of the Augusta National Clubhouse, Ben Hogan’s Bridge, the 13th rock wall, and the dazzling floral logo that greets each guest, a star is born. And he’s for real.

Attesting from the leader board are the men who have formed a golfer’s “field of dreams.” In the center of their gaze is 1997 winner Tiger Woods, here flanked by his caddie, ”Fluff,” and the caddie of final round playing partner, Constanino Rocca. Woods is displaying that awesome swing that sends a golf ball straighter and truer than should be humanly possible. Only his uncanny putting ability serves to complete the dominating performance that lifts him alongside the Masters of Augusta.

In this unique work of art, America’s Sports Artist, Rick Rush, has blended the charm and boastful beauty of nature with the magnificence of a gilded golfing history and unabashed power and confidence of youth to deliver a masterpiece: “The Master of Augusta.”