Reaching the Mark: Americas CupSpinnaker Run


Reaching the Mark: Americas CupSpinnaker Run

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Reaching The Mark 
America’s Cup 1987

This original hand done serigraph print by America’s Sports Artist, Rick Rush, has been titled, “Reaching the Mark: America’s Cup 1987” for three significant reasons:

1) In yacht racing, the points to which the yachts race are called marks. During the 26th defense of the America’s Cup, Stars and Stripes ‘87 would reach the mark first each time and maintain the lead throughout the entire race.

2) Dennis Conner, Skipper of Stars and Stripes ‘87, had set a personal mark to win back the cup after his devastating defeat in 1983. He had been single minded toward that goal for four years.

3) After America lost the cup for the first time ever, there had been a personal pride in winning the cup back for the United States.

The two yachts depicted in this serigraph are Stars and Stripes ‘87, skippered by Dennis Conner of the United States, and Kookaburra III, skippered by Iain Murray of Australia.

Shown in the background is the Achille Lauro, which had been the focus of international attention when taken hostage in October of 1985, resulting in the death of one passenger. It had been made into a spectator boat for the ‘87 America’s Cup.

On October 5, the races had begun and on February 4, after 325 races, Conner’s Stars and Stripes won the America’s Cup near a fishing boat harbor called Fremantle. It was a decisive 4/0 decision. The significant boat speed advantage plus the superior research and design were the contributing factors to this overwhelming and unprecedented victory.